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Mr. Yee Boon Yeow, Managing Director of BASF (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, will be presenting a talk in a series of Corporate Leader's Discourse, organized by UTM Business Advanced Technology Centre (BATC)as follows:


  • Date: 27 March 2008
  • Time:3.30 pm
  • Venue: Level 17, BATC Seminar Room, Bangunan Yayasan Selangor
  • Fee: RM 30 (High Tea provided)

    BASF is the world's leading chemical company - The Chemical Company, its portfolio ranges from oil and gas to chemicals, plastics, performance products, agicultural products and fine chemicals. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, BASF palys an important role in finding answers to global challenges such as climate protection, energy, efficiency, nutrition and mobility.

    Mr. Yee Boon Yeow, a pharmatist by qualification and training has been with BASF for almost 20 years. He began his carreer in BASF as the manager for fine Chemicals Department of BASF Malaysia in 1989. Since then, it has been a journey holding senior management roles from Director Marketing, of BASF Styrenic Co. Ltd Yangzi (Nanjing China) and subsequently Managing Director, BAFS Taiwan Ltd. His appoinment prior to rejoining BASF Malaysia was Group Vice President, Performance Chemicals BASF East Asia Regional Headquaters Ltd. HOng Kong.

    Mr. Yee holds a Master of Business Administration from the MIM University of Bath (UK), enjoys outdoor actvities. He is currently the Managing Director of BAFS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd who oversees the operatios and development of BAST Malaysia and responsible for building strategic alliances with business partners, focusing on customer partnerships and operational excellence, which closely aligns with BASF's growth strategy.

    In this talk, Mr. Yee will share with us his management princples, strategy, and experiences ini managing and leading across culture - the issues and challenges he faced and how he overcome them.

    For Enquiries and registration please contact : 03 2691 4020/26953312 before 25th March 2009.

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