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As the old saying goes, ā€œwith success comes rewardsā€, that best describes the determination and sheer hardwork among the staff, which finally bring sweet success for Office of Registrar/Chancellery to receive the Certificate Of 5S from the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), on 25th March 2009.

5S is a Japanese management methodology that focuses on workplace morale, safety and efficiency. The 5Sā€™s that stand for Seiri (Sorting), Seiton (Straighten or set in Order), Seiso (Sweeping), Seiketsu (Standardizing) and Shitsuke (Sustaining), is also considered a culture that has to be built in to any organization which aims for spontaneous and continuous improvement of working environment and conditions. It involves everyone from the top level to bottom, in which full implementation helps to increase morale and efficiency as well as creates positive impressions on customers.

Office of Registrar/Chancellery has been practising 5S since last year. The programme had been officially launched by Y.Bhg. Prof. Dr. Hamdani Saidi, Campus Director on 18th July 2007.

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